Kateryna Demers from Manchester, New Hampshire, has extremely long hair.

Kateryna Demers, originally from Ukraine and now calls Manchester, New Hampshire her home, according to dailymail.com.uk, has men from all over the world offering to pay big money just to touch her hair.

The article reports that her hair is nearly 5 feet long. She has taken to wearing it up when she is out because strangers reportedly feel no shame in just walking up to her and touching it.

Why Grow Your Hair That Long?

Kateryna says in the article that growing up she wore her hair very short and was often confused with being a boy. If you have seen her pictures, you would NOT confuse her with a boy, hair or no hair.

She decided to see how long she could let it grow and she became a real-life Rapunzel, according to the Daily Mail. She could be locked in a tower and easily send down her hair to aid in an escape.

Instagram Fame

Kateryna has a following of 99.2K followers on Instagram. Her hair, though very long, looks incredibly healthy.

She tells dailymail.com.uk about her routine: “To look after my hair, I eat well, do sports, and take care of it by using the best products of the hair care industry.  I don’t expose it very often to heating tools, I brush it carefully and patiently, sometimes for hours and I wear it mostly up in a bun or braided.”

Her Instagram fame prompted a German businessman to offer her $500,000 if she would shave her head and let him keep her hair, according to the Daily Mail.

Um, weirdo...She declined.  Her hair is priceless.

But for half a million, I'd shave it, just saying.

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