According to WMTW, Governor Sununu signed off on an executive order allowing New Hampshire state employees to bring their infant children to work. The site states infants must be between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 months and the employees must be parents or legal guardians.

The rule will take effect as long as the employee's department has elected to participate, the worker is approved, and there are no safety risks involved. Governor Sununu stated that 20 departments and agencies have elected to participate. This will start in January 2020.

After this was announced, there was some backlash on Twitter. Many residents believe these people who need to care for infants should be granted paid leave rather than bring their infant children to work. There is also concern for the people sharing a work space with someone who brings their infant to work. Won't that be a distraction?

Do you think this new program will help or hurt New Hampshire families?

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