Well, we knew this was coming and now it's official.  MA Governor Charlie Baker is ordering the Department of Public Health to shut down all non essential businesses starting tomorrow at noon.

According to WBZ Channel 4, Governor Baker is also asking all residents to stay home and not travel unless absolutely necessary due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

As of Sunday, the number of Coronavirus cases in Massachusetts is at 646 and that number continues to grow. Governor Baker tells WBZ 4 that this mandate will be enforced at a local level with "a graduated set of penalties, starting with a fine and moving up from there" for people that don't comply.

So, what is an "essential business"?  According to WCVB.com,  examples include health care, law enforcement, food manufacturers, grocers, utilities, transportation and public works.

WCVB reports that Governor Baker made the decision after talking to the health department as well as Governors of other states.

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