Weekend calories don't count. So, get a jump with bargain doughnuts!

It's their Krispy Kreme's birthday, but you're reaping the gifts! The company is celebrating its 81st birthday by offering a special discount this Friday, July 27 in the form of a dozen doughnuts for a dollar. However, there is a catch. You must first purchase a dozen doughnuts at regular price.

Long time fans of the chain have looked forward to this annual celebration, as they've offered the same promotion in years past. However, this year brings a special bonus. According to Us Magazine, Krispy Kreme  is sweetening the deal with the release of the new glazed confetti doughnut. This celebratory confection, which will only be available from Friday, July 27, to Thursday, August 2, is a modern Krispy Kreme take on the nostalgic fan-favorite birthday cake flavor.


According to USA Today, this special is valid at "participating shops across the United States and Canada," the company says. This means, you may want to call before you make the trip. Then again, where's the fun in that?

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