It's the end of an era.  Number 87 has made it official.  Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL on his Twitter account.

We will miss Gronk for so many reasons:

  • His humor.  Gronk was such a goofball around the reporters when he got interviewed.
  • The Gronk Spike in the end zone after he made a touchdown
  • But, most of all, when I asked my family and friends what they would miss most about him, they all said, the way he caught the ball and kept on running, regardless of which opposing team member happen to be hanging off of him at the time.  He was just unstoppable.

Gronk isn't going anywhere.  He is one of the most beloved Patriot players of all time.  He will be at the Stadium for many, many future games and from what I know of his public personality, he's never met a camera he doesn't like.

We LOVE YOU, GRONK!  Like Papi and so many others, you'll never have to pay for a drink in this town!


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