His name is Grover, and hundreds, if not thousands of people have fallen in love with this adorable little pig after visiting him at the Beans and Greens Farm in Gilford, New Hampshire.

But, Grover, who is a domestic meat pig, was like most spring piglets, destined to be to be a farm-to-table meal.

However, after seeing the impact this little runt of a pig has had on so many over the summer at Beans and Greens' seasonal petting zoo, Grover, the Pig will be pardoned from their menu, if a home could be found for him.

Enter, the wonderful folks at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary in Haverhill, New Hampshire. In an effort to raise awareness of local agriculture in the Granite State, Grover will live out his days at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, but now they need your help.

Tomten Farm and Sanctuary is now fundraising in order to accommodate Grover, and hopefully other pig rescues. If you can help in any way, please contact Jen Vickery at Tomten Farm and Sanctuary by clicking on the Facebook post below.

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