Or is it a New Hamshirewoman? I better figure that out.

Though I feel like I am slightly betraying my Masshole roots I do feel a sense of pride when I look at my shiny new New Hampshire ID.

And would you look at that, I don't look mentally unhinged like I have in every other ID photo I have ever taken! I'd like shout out the nice lady at the DMV who gave me a compliment and said she loved listening to our show right before this picture was taken. She deserves the credit for the genuine smile on my face.

Being an official New Hampshirite means I can finally:

  • Be a material girl living in a tax free world
  • Ditch the reputation of being a short fused Bostonion (that was never me anyway)
  • Become the full fledged hiker I was born to be (or maybe go on one or two once the snow melts)
  • See a moose
  • Argue with out of staters that we have the best pancakes and if you're not going to put real maple syrup on them then get the hell out
  • Getting a bumper sticker that says "This Car Climbed Mt Washington" even if it didn't

Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful state and allowing me to be the voice on your radio each morning. I can't wait to continue our adventures together now as a true New Hampshirite.

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