OMG This guy is my spirit animal! So we were all patiently waiting for Kane Brown to hit the stage at the SNHU on Thursday. There was about a half hour between Granger Smith and Kane Brown's sets. But don't you fret, we were thoroughly entertained.

Some guy sitting down on the floor was busting some serious moves to any song that came on. He knew the choreography to Beyonce's Single Ladies, he was winding and grinding to the Ginuwine's Pony, and he was cabbage patching to Poison. As you can see in the video, he was bringing immense joy to everyone around him. He was quite the dancing sensation. Kane is lucky that when he hit the stage, people weren't still enthralled with that guy.

I am on a mission to find this man. I want him to teach me his moves so next time I am at a concert, I can be the one keeping everyone entertained between acts. If you know him, please tell him to email me at We would love to have him on the morning show!

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