Going to the gym is kind of an odd concept. I am going to stand in a room and move around quickly and sweat with a bunch of strangers. Sometimes people don't know how to behave in such an environment.

I was talking about this on the morning show today that something funny happened to me at the gym last night.

So it was after taking a H.I.I.T class (high intensive interval training if you are not familiar) so after 40 minutes of picking up heavy things and putting them down paired with jumping jacks in between I was sufficiently sweaty. And RED. As I am putting my mat away this woman comes up to put her mat away too and goes "I notice you get just as red as I do during the class!" I laughed and agreed "We're like twin lobsters!"

I found this whole interaction to be hilarious and didn't consider it to be a gym faux pas. However it got me thinking about those things that you should never say to a fellow gym goer:

Starting a sentence with so I was watching you on the treadmill and..”

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*Critiquing anyone else’s form on anything unless you are their personal trainer or they ask for it

I noticed in the locker room we have the same sports bra on

Again: Creepy.

Was this your first time doing this class?

That is suggesting that the person looks like they don't know what they are doing. Even if that is true it isn't kind to point it out.

So you don't need to wear undies with those yoga pants?

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Though undies should be worn at the gym in my personal opinion, it isnt proper etiquette

Do you mind stretching over there? I’m trying to take a selfie.

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The gym isn't the place for selfies. We're all proud of you for going but must you post a photo to insta while you are there?

Can you think of any other gym faux pas? Post them in the comments section!