Happy Gotcha Day, Brandy!

The way Brandy came into our lives was totally by accident. I went to Cocheco Valley Humane Society because I had met a dog named 'Henry' at one of their events. When I got there, Henry had been adopted by a lovely family with a big yard for him to play in. It was then Brandy spotted me and I immediately knew she was the dog we were supposed to meet.That was seven years ago. Happy Birthday, sweet Brandy! Mama loves you so much!

If you're thinking about adding a furry family member, please check out the animals up for adoption at Cocheco Valley Humane Society. There's a special one waiting just for you!

The picture on the left is when we first adopted Brandy. The picture on the right is Brandy now enjoying her time by the beach!

Credit Karen Kilely
Credit Karen Kiley

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