Just when I think I have seen and tried it all, a wildly cool concept for a date night or family night out pops up in New England.

Imagine going to one of your favorite breweries and discovering a three-lane tubing track. Your night out just got way more exciting.

Harpoon Brewery in the Seaport of Boston, Massachusetts, has "partnered with Artificial Ice’s Stack Box to bring a snow tubing experience to the city," according to a Boston Uncovered article. "Stack Box is a sledding/snow tubing hybrid that allows anywhere to become a snowy summit, including Seaport."

Now, compared to real snow tubing, I would not qualify this as "massive," as the Instagram post boasts.

That said, this is tubing in the middle of the city. And for that, this is pretty epic.

Harpoon Slopeside’s three tubing lanes were built using “strategically stacked shipping containers, a proprietary beam system, decking, railings and custom staircases,” according to Artificial Ice Events. The lanes are all created with artificial snow, and are about 20-40 feet wide.

Honestly, pretty good for the city. Like, really impressive. So, if you haven't been tubing, live near Boston, and love beer and activities, this seems like an awesome night out.

Between Harpoon's beers and snacks, and the fact that the brewery/slides allow children, this would be a phenomenal date night or family night out.

You can ride as many times as you’d like in your allotted ticket time. One-hour visits to the snowy summit are $10, a 2-hour visit is $15, 4-hour visits on weekends or full day visits on weekdays are $25, and full day entry on Saturday and Sunday is $40.

According to the Harpoon Brewery website, the tubing lanes will only be available for a short amount of time.

Open from January 15 to February 29

  • Monday-Wednesday: 4PM-8PM
  • Thursday-Friday: 3PM-8PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: 12PM-8PM

Tickets are only for sale in person and available first come, first serve, day of. For more info, click here.

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