Worried about sharks?

Well, apparently, the shark fever has not affected businesses along the beach much at all, according to Boston25news.com, who interviewed various business owners and beachgoers.

For too many families it’s been a long tradition to take the summer months and spend long days at the beach. Also, many beachgoers never swim and quite a few just dip in at the shore’s edge. (Very Smart Move)

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce does not put out its tourism report until the end of the season, so we won’t really know officially if tourism is down till then.

Technology has changed our relationship with the beach in recent years as well.

Let’s face facts, the sharks have always been out there, but we know about it more now due to technology.

We have aircraft and drones spotting them from the air.

In just this year alone, according to boston25news.com, 15 Great White Sharks have been equipped with tracking devices, so we know where they are at all times.

There’s even an app for that!  Sharktivity can provide you with real-time alerts when a Great White has been spotted.

It will be interesting to see what the tourism report shows at the end of the season.

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