Monday morning, you heard Mark make fun of me because I was wearing a ball cap. The reason for 'hat day' was that I had an appointment at The Wingate Salon and Spa. (see below for a cool contest!) So, I didn't wash my hair that morning.  (I showered, but didn't shampoo - I just want to make sure everyone knows that!)  I've been going to the Wingate for awhile now and I look forward to my appointments.  It's such a lovely and quiet salon.  You can either catch up on the latest gossip, or sit back, relax and get pampered.  My stylist, Jo is wonderful.  She knows how to read me.  There are times I'm in a chatty mood, other times, I just want to close my eyes and nap or just zone out reading a magazine.  How do you spend your time at the salon?  By the way, I should mention you can register for a chance at a $500 gift certificate from The Wingate Salon and Spa!  Think of all the pampering you could get for $500!  Register Here!

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