Hi everyone, Tunes the elf here!  Can you find me in between 2K's hair products! She sure has a girly bathroom.  Just look at all her products from The Wingate Salon and Spa.  I wondered why her hair smells like rainbows and sunshine...and now I know! The Wingate will be in studio today giving Mark a manicure and 2K a pedicure!  This should be lots of fun!  Make sure you listen to The Morning Waking Crew everyday.  They're always up to something fun.  I heard through the 'elfvine' that Don Briand will be reciting an 'Overly Dramatic Christmas Reading' this morning.  I wonder if he needs my help?  What do you think he'll be reading today?  Okay, Tunes signing off for now, but don't worry, I'll be back later!  Byeeeeeeeeeeee!

2k's hair product stash