I despise bugs of all types, but what freaks me out more are bats.  They are like flying mice and they look absolutely terrifying.

The most populous bats that are native to our area are the little brown bat and the big brown bat.  Bats eat tons of insects, so I suppose I am grateful for their existence, but I don’t want to come face to face with one.

But what about helping count them?

NH Fish and Game Needs Help with this Year’s Bat Count

In previous years the bats native to our area have faced some hardships such as shrinking habitat and a disease known as “white-nose syndrome,” according to reporting by unionleader.com.

Seeing how they eat so many bugs, I would hate to see their populations decline in our area.

Fish and Game is doing their annual ‘bat count’ and is looking for help from the public, the news source stated.

How You Can Help NH Fish and Game Count Bats in 2021

My wife grew up on a farm and she is totally chill with bats.  They were always in the barn.  She took me in to see them once and I totally freaked out.  She said, “look up, see them?” and I didn’t at first until it looked like the barn ceiling started to move I ran out of there fast.

She even had a trick to call them by clicking two keys together.  Why am I married to her?  Opposites attract, I guess.

If you have a barn or know of a steeple or cave where you know bats hang out, you can help.

Bat Counts leaders are asking for the public’s help in counting the bats that are living on their property or in known locations to count bats as they come out to hunt at dusk, according to unionleader.com.  They are asking for citizen scientists to perform the counts once in July and again in late summer after the bat babies are born and starting to fly.

There will be an online training session on May 12 at 4:30 pm if you are interested, according to the news site, and you can get more info here.

Happy hunting! By the way, I'll pass.

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