This sounds scary, but fun!

A seminary in North Parsonsfield, Maine is having a paranormal party!  You can take part in an actual paranormal investigation at Parsonsfield Seminary.

This kind of stuff has always interested me, but it also seems a little bit spooky!

According to their facebook page, Parsonsfield Seminary is one of Maine's most historical haunted locations.

It costs $30 to take part in this investigation, with proceeds going to help the upkeep of the seminary.

Their Facebook post also encourages people to bring their "own paranormal investigation tools".  Umm, what?  People actually have these?!

According to Wikipedia, the seminary was in operation from 1832-1949 as a Baptist school. The building burned down under mysterious circumstances in 1853 at midnight.

Wikipedia says that a new seminary building was built a few years later and was then purchased by a wealthy businessman from San Francisco.

According to, Parsonsfield Seminary is definitely haunted!  Sounds are heard in both buildings including footsteps and children day and night.  They also say that people have reported feeling like their hair was touched and in some places you can even hear laughter.  People have also reported being "pushed" on the stairs while going to the 3rd floor.

Parsonsfield Seminary usually holds an annual haunted house, but unfortunately that won't be happening this year:

So, if you're brave enough to go on a paranormal investigation in this haunted building on October 10th, you can find tickets here!


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