Tasting Table came out with a list of where you can find the best college town food in every state. As for Massachusetts, I whole heartedly agree with their choice of Antonio's Pizza.  "HOT CHEESE UP FRONT!" Though, I am a bit biased being a UMASS Amherst Alumni :)

For New Hampshire, the selection was Lou's Restaurant & Bakery on the Dartmouth College Campus in Hanover NH.

Apparently, Lou's presents a challenge to all Dartmouth College Students. The Lou's challenge entails staying up all night either for partying or studying purposes and getting to the restaurant right when they open at 6 am. That is not an easy feat for any college kid! I remember treasuring my slumber in those days.

If you have yet to experience Lou's and all its Breakfast glory, they say the cruller French Toast is an excellent choice.

Their vast assortment of doughnuts have been known to change lives but I guess tho considered "After Breakfast" treats.

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