Yesterday was Veteran's Day. We also commemorate the holiday today with a day off for state and federal workers, and a few others. As a veteran of the United States Air Force...than you for remembering those of us that have served. Many paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom so many take for granted. I was one of the lucky ones. It's my duty to remember those that have fallen in war and in peace time.

So I want to take a second and tell you about my friend Clint Walters. Clint and I served together in Iceland. We lived across the hall from one another in Bldg 760 at Keflavik Naval Air Station.

Clint Walters Facebook page
Clint Walters Facebook page

We quickly bonded over our love for rappers Tupac, and the Notorious B.I.G. Clint was African American and I was white. He was a Technical Sergeant and I was a Senior Airman. Those facts never entered either of our minds. We shared a love for the Air Force, music, and cooking. We became fast friends...drawn together by our similarities. That seems kind of naive now considering the divisive times in which we live.

But Clint became the brother I never had. We stayed in touch even after I went back to Texas. A couple of years later he retired, moved to the Philippines, fell in love, got married, had a little boy...and a few years later developed inoperable colon cancer.

To say he was scared would be an understatement. He loved his wife. Like me, he had a 5 year-old little boy. And he didn't want to die. I felt helpless. For the first time in my life I didn't have any advice. So I did a lot of listening.

We stayed in touch regularly by phone or Facebook until the very end when he entered hospice and could no longer talk. His wife messaged me to inform me he was gone. Through the tears I read her message as she assured me Clint talked about me and our adventures in Iceland until the very end. I take solace in that. But I still miss my friend.

This also known as Movember. You may have heard about it. Men grow mustaches to bring attention to men's health issues like colon cancer, prostate cancer, suicide prevention, etc. Besides just growing out a cheesy 'stache and talking about why men's health is important, Movember also raises money.

So I decided this year I'm going to do more than just remember my friend...I'm going to honor him, and take part in Movember. Yup...I've given up the razor for the month. The last time I shaved was November 1. And boy does it feel weird!

I wore a goatee for 20 years, but never had a beard...until now. But since Movember is all about the mustache, I'll be shaving off the beard on November 14, and just focus on my lip warmer.

As I remember and honor Clint, I ask that you honor a man that you love or admire. Perhaps, like my friend, he has passed too soon. Or maybe he's battling an illness now. Or maybe he's perfectly healthy and you want him to stay that way.

I've started a Movember donation page to raise $500 to help fight colon cancer. Please consider making a donation on my page in your special man's honor. Just click HERE and it will take you to a secured sight where you can safely make your donation.

Be sure to check my Facebook page for updates on how much has been donated. And to see pictures of my mustache as it takes shape over the next two weeks.


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