We have not heard confirmation that Adam Sandler is coming yet, so New Hampshire, it's time to come together.

The power of social media can be strong. It can also be dangerous, but not in this case. The famous Red Arrow Diner needs our help.

First opening in 1922, the Red Arrow Diner is historic in New Hampshire. Everyone knows the Red Arrow Diner, right? Right.

Well if you just read the 1922 opening date and crunched the numbers, the popular New Hampshire diner is celebrating its 100th anniversary. That's right, the Red Arrow Diner is turning 100.

Goal: Get Adam Sandler to the diner.

Plan: Repost this and TAG HIM.

Adam Sandler is a Granite Stater at heart. Raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, Adam Sandler calls the 603 home. He even has his name on a booth at the diner. Since it is his home, there is no doubt in my mind if this celebration gets to him in any way, he will be there.

He will likely run some pickup basketball for an hour or two before the party, show up in baggy basketball shorts, and still be the life of the diner.

Netflix World Premiere Of HUSTLE
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This would not be the first time that Adam Sandler has done something good for Red Arrow Diner. According to a Facebook post shared by the Diner, Sandler invited some members of the Red Arrow Diner franchise to the set of Grown Ups 2. He even featured them in the film.

Clearly, his loyalty to the 603 is evident.

Here is what I think: he's coming. The party is October 15, 2022, in Manchester, NH. Sandler's home, his diner, his people...let's get Adam Sandler there.

An enormous congratulations to New Hampshire's finest Red Arrow Diner on 100 years this October.

Let's get Adam's attention ASAP!

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