There are Northern New Englanders who bungee jump, skydive, and rock climb just for fun, but imagine if you could help your neighbors in need with such once-in-a-lifetime adventures? Imagination is now a reality once again.

United Way of Greater Nashua "Over the Edge"

Coming up on Tuesday, August 17, over 20 New Hampshire nonprofits will benefit from their members and other Granite Staters going "Over the Edge" of the 24-story Brady Sullivan Tower in Manchester, New Hampshire through the United Way of Greater Nashua's "Over the Edge" event.

One of the benefitting nonprofits, Family Promise of Southern New Hampshire, will have a team of six rappelling down all 24 stories that will include volunteers from Family Promise and quite possibly a member of one of the families has been aided by Family Promise.

Family Promise of Southern New Hampshire

If you're unfamiliar with Family Promise, according to their website, their mission is to "end homelessness one family at a time." Families that are in need and often times either on the path to homelessness or unfortunately have already reached that point, are referred to Family Promise welfare offices, hospitals, social service agencies, or other avenues.

Family Promise then works with the family on everything from job placement and transportation to finding a new forever home and staying the course through new budgeting techniques and more.

So essentially, by rappelling off the side of the Brady Sullivan Tower, you're helping raise funds so Family Promise can ensure a family in need has four walls and a roof and is better off than they would be without their help.

If you want to help all of the nonprofits that will benefit from the 2021 United Way of Greater Nashua "Over the Edge" on August 17th, click here. But if you're interested in helping Family Promise directly in "end(ing) homelessness one family at a time," you can donate directly to their team page by clicking here.

Donation is also possible through a simple text message as well: Text edge202110 to 71777. Good luck to all rappellers on the big day -- you've already done us all proud!

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