The Rise of Serial Podcasts

Serial podcasts have become a very popular medium over the last decade. The style of broadcast allows for vast storytelling and editorial control.

The storytelling is really what separates it from other popular mediums. Essentially it uses the documentary format and mixes it with early 1940's entertainment radio. However, the overwhelming majority of the podcasts are true stories.

First Popular Serial Podcast

This style of podcasting really took off in 2014 with the show appropriately titled "Serial". The true crime series was such a success that an HBO documentary came out of the story.

"Serial" would go on to produce two more seasons, and the rest is history. Now there are podcast series on every category you can think of.

Serial Podcasts Based in Maine

While there have been some great podcasts episodes about Maine, and a killer show about true crime (shoutout Dark Downeast), the serial version has been minimal.

There's simply no reason why there shouldn't be. Maine is loaded with mystery, intrigue, ghost stories, creepy lore, and fascinating history.

I compiled a list of 20 "Maine" stories that could easily be given the serial podcast treatment. These stories are a mix of history and intrigue. Many are also national brands that would bring more attention to them and the podcast.

While these 20 would be fascinating, there are endless stories in this state that would entertain the masses. But, we can start we these 20.

The 20 "Maine" Stories that Need a Podcast Series

Podcast series have been all the rage lately. From true crime to history, the medium allows for incredible storytelling. It also opens the story up to a world wide audience.

Maine is loaded with stories and industries that people would love to hear more about.

Here are 20 of those that should get the podcast treatment.

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