We all love summer, the beaches, the water, the trash, the crowds of people… Wait, what?  Yeah, no.

New Hampshire has some beautiful beaches, but in the busy summer months, it can be hard to connect to nature if the crowds are too large.

NHmagazine.com put out a list of secret swimming spots in 2017, and that got me thinking all about the summer and enjoying the water. I wanted to highlight a few of them here. (Some may have more people than others, but who knows, maybe you'll find your favorite spot.)

Jenness State Beach

This is no Hampton Beach, but it's a great spot for sand and swimming. It's perfect for the family.

Forest Lake State Park

This was created in 1935 and has a 200-foot sandy beach, according to the park's website. You can even fish and boat here.

Sawyer Rock on Rte. 302 in Bartlett

NHmagainze.com states that this has a fantastic pool of water with a bunch of large rocks for drying off on. Just keep in mind to be careful here as there are no lifeguards here.

Emerald Pool

This one is a little tricky to get to, according to NHmagazine.com, but it’s a relatively simple hike to get there. The site states that it's "about [a] mile off Rte. 113 in Chatham on the Baldface Mountain Circle Trail, about 14 miles north of Fryeburg, Maine." Again, you must be careful here because there are no lifeguards.

Remember, while you're having your fun, no matter where you swim, never go alone. So make sure to bring your friends and cool off during all the heat this summer!

What are some other great places to go swimming that aren't packed with people?

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