Maine has earned very respectable representation in this year's James Beard Awards finals.

The Pine Tree State has chefs, restaurants, bakers, and bakeries represented in this year's semifinals.

The James Beard Award

Based in New York, the James Bear Awards recognize the greatest in culinary achievement. The goal is...

to recognize exceptional talent and achievement in the culinary arts, hospitality, media, and broader food system, as well as a demonstrated commitment to racial and gender equity, community, sustainability, and a culture where all can thrive.

These are world-class awards. Besides a Michelin Star, the James Beard Awards are the cream of the crop. To even be nominated is a tremendous accomplishment.

James Beard Award Maine Finalists

Maine is represented in the James Beard Award finals by four nominees, all located in Maine's foodie hub of Portland.

The crew over at Woodford Food & Beverage is a finalist for the "Outstanding Hospitality" award.

Jake Stevens from Leeward is nominated for Best Chef, Northeast. This is the third overall nomination for Stevens and the restaurant.

The very popular ZU Bakery in Portland is a finalist for "Best Bakery."

And last, but certainly not least, Atsuko Fujimoto of Norimoto Bakery in Portland is up for "Outstanding Baker". This is her third nomination in a row.

The winners will be awarded and celebrated later this year at the Lyric Opera in Chicago on June 10.

Below is a closer look at Maine's 10 semifinalists from earlier this year.

2024 Maine James Beard Award Semifinalists

The annual James Beard Awards recently announced their semifinalists. The awards that celebrate culinary excellence in America have included 10 nominees from Maine this year.

His is a closer look at Maine's semifinalists.

Gallery Credit: Chris Sedenka

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