It's hard to find a taco that I didn't like, but we asked listeners what their favorites were, and here are the top 7:
Trackside Tacos, Somersworth - One of A-Train's favorites!
La Corona, Rochester - This also got WMUR's Viewer's Choice for best margarita, so you can get tacos and a margarita. Sounds good to me!
Cafe Noche, North Conway - A road trip to Conway now that the weather is nice sounds great to me!
Loco Coco Tacos, Kittery, ME - We're cheating a bit with this one, but the great state of Maine gets a nod with Loco Coco Tacos. I wish the name wasn't taken because if I had a band, I'd name it Loco Coco Tacos.
Consuelo's Taqueria, Manchester - This place is near and dear to my heart. We used to go as a family every Tuesday. Funny thing about my step-kids, they would order the exact same thing every time, so when the owners saw us coming, they would get our order ready. The kids thought we were really special when we walked in.
Gordo's, Raymond - Another hometown favorite of mine. They have TVs everywhere, so when my husband wants to watch sports and tacos, I don't have to cook.
Dos Amigos, Dover - I remember when Dos Amigos first started, and now they have several locations. Still one of my favorite places around for not only tacos, but salads, burritos, whatever you want, they got.
Be safe! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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