Latin Man and Woman on Beach

Yay!  You can finally sunbathe on the beach in York, Maine.  Now, you can relax on the beach instead of just exercising.  Personally, after a 40-minute walk, I like to pull out my beach chair and meditate on my insignificance while staring out at the Ocean.  According to, restrictions have been lifted on sunbathing but there are still some rules in place to keep us safe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Towels and blankets and beach chairs can return, but they must be placed at least 6 feet away from other groups.  Also, tents and umbrellas must be placed 15 feet apart.  Town Manager Stephen Burns says the reason behind the 15-foot tent rule is so that people can walk between tents without getting too close to others. Burns admits that there policing such rules will be difficult and is relying on beachgoers to enforce the rules.  Burns tells that “The biggest thing that we’re going to be able to get after people on is social distancing.”


How about in this day of turmoil and unrest we just follow the rules?  Take time to be kind to each other and don’t let one person spoil it for the rest of those that are anxious to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. We are still experiencing the effects of a pandemic and some of us want to be cautious.  There is still no vaccine available and we don’t want an outbreak in New England.  Wash your hands and wear a mask when you can’t socially distance.  I can’t wait to visit York Beach!




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