By now you've heard Country superstar and heartthrob, Kane Brown is coming to the SNHU on February 21, 2019. Initial reports were the was show sold-out, but after a quick check just a few minutes ago, it looks like lots of seats are still available.

I know a lot of women who'd love to get their arms around Kane for a big hug. And although he's married...he may have an extra hug for you. And this may be the secret to getting it.

At a concert a few nights ago, Kane noticed a young fan holding a sign asking for a he did her one better. He brought her on stage and held her in his arms. The look on her face says it all!

It was clearly a memorable moment for Kane as well. Later that night he posted this picture on his Twitter page.

And while I certainly can't promise he'll have the same reaction to your request for a quick snuggle, I guess it never hurts to try.

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