Brett Eldredge is coming to the SNHU Arena this Saturday, October 13. One of the first questions people always ask when a big star like Brett comes to town is, "How do I get backstage to meet him?"

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

Well here's the answer: If you have tickets for the concert...get there early. And most importantly...WEAR your WOKQ/AutoFair Neon T-shirt so we can see you.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

If we spot you sporting that T-shirt then maybe you'll be one of the lucky people ushered backstage at the SNHU to meet Brett before the concert. If'll get up close and personal. And just so you know, Brett's selfie game is strong. So make sure your hair looks great.

Brett Eldredge website

So that's it. No secrets. No slipping someone a $20 bill. Just wear your WOKQ/AutoFair Neon Tee and get there early. Then leave the rest up to us. Bill and Kira from the Big Breakfast will be looking for you.