Here are the latest COVID-19 Cases in NH, ME and Massachusetts as of today, Tuesday, April 28, 2020:

NH.Gov says, 1,938 reports 1,040 and

Because of the coronavirus, this Summer, Star Island in Rye will close all summer activities for the year, according to a story from the Union Leader.  The report says that CEO Joe Watts said,

We are deeply saddened and disappointed, but our assessment that Star Island cannot safely open this season is based on the best information we have at this time. We cannot envision a scenario in which it would be possible to safely convene large groups of people on the island at any point this summer

Don't think that you can just use your own boat for a day trip on the island, it's closed to you too, however, there will be some virtual options to tour the island.  Not the same, but it is something.

On the brighter side, maybe this will bring back some flora and fauna to the island that maybe disappeared due to all the people.

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