Let's be completely honest for a minute. If you're a parent, and your kids went trick-or-treating last night...odds are really good that after they fell asleep, you went through their stash of candy and picked out a few of your favorites.

Don't be ashamed if you did. I feel like every parent excises a bit of a Halloween candy "tax" on the kids. Heck, why not? At one point or another you held their hand and went door to door with them on Halloween, after a long day at work. Or you stood at your own door, handing out treats to other little ghosts and gobblins. So what's the big deal if you snag a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup or a bag of M & M's here and there?

You don't have to be sneaky about it. Lots of times my kids just gave me the candy...especially if they didn't like it. In my case though we always seemed to like the same stuff. Oh well...guess I trained them right.

Anyway, here's what some parents around New Hampshire and Maine snagged from their kids after all the trick-or-treating was over.

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