Thanksgiving is the holiday custom made for food lovers all across the Untied States. You don't have to be a "foodie" to enjoy the day. You just have to love to eat! And even if you're on a diet...everyone can find something they love on our national day of thanks.

So what's the one dish that everyone loves to eat on matter what part of the country you live in? Besides the turkey, it has to be the stuffing, right? Or the dressing...depending on what part of the United States you live in.

A website called The Kitchn...and yes, that's spelled correctly... took a look at all of the Google searches from November to figure out the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in every state. And wouldn't you know it...stuffing or dressing...was the most searched recipe in 13 states. Fourteen if you count Texas. The Lone Star state was a little more specific with "cornbread dressing"...which by the way is AMAZING!

So what about closer to home? What's the recipe everyone in New Hampshire is Googling?'s not stuffing. Nope...according to the article by The Kitchn, folks in New Hampshire are looking up recipes for butternut squash.

Massachusetts residents are also looking for a great butternut squash recipe.

Mainers love their gravy. Perhaps because their turkey is too dry? Meanwhile, people in the Green Mountain state of Vermont are Googling recipes for vegetables.

No matter if you're cooking for a large group, or just yourself...I hope your Thanksgiving dinner is truly a festive feast. Happy Thanksgiving. Bon Appetit!


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