Aaaah Christmas. A day filled with the joy of the season. Kids playing with new toys, the kitchen all abuzz as favorite recipes are prepared, and a favorite Christmas movie on the smart TV in the living room.

And of course someone on their laptop looking up instructions on how to put together that new toy...or a recipe for a special dish they saw online and want to make for dinner...or looking for a list of the best Christmas movies. Whatever it is...odds are pretty good that at some point during Christmas day you'll be online.

There's a website called Satellite Internet that found what every state in the country
disproportionately Googles on Christmas.

One of the best ones comes from my home state of West Virginia. People there want to know "Is Santa Clause real." Folks in Colorado obviously spend too much time with their extended family members because they Google, "Liquor stores open near me" more than anything else. And people in Rhode Island are just looking to hook-up because they Google, "Tinder."

Here in New Hampshire we're ALL about the holiday. The one thing we disproportionately Google more than anything else is "Christmas music." The same for folks in Vermont.

In Maine they're worried about the "weather." And in Massachusetts they jump online and Google "Eggnog alcohol recipe" more than any other state.

Satellite Internet
Satellite Internet

If you want a good laugh check out the entire list state-by-state right HERE.

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