One state is already moving towards keeping companies from recording your conversations on smart speakers.

It seems harmless enough. "Alexa, what is ____." Even goofing around with your kids, and making Alexa say incredibly hilarious things back to you has become a family activity. However, it gets weird when innocent conversations turn into advertising.

Do you feel like you're being spied on?

Well, you are. Now one state is trying to change that. According to USA Today, in California, smart home speakers might become legally blocked from saving your voice recordings. it's called "The Anti-Eavesdropping Act," and the bill passed the California State Assembly earlier this week.

What happens if it becomes law? Google, Amazon and Apple, which rely heavily on data and conversations collected from voice assistants would have a much harder time collecting information.

According to USA Today, you can delete recordings from smart home speakers, but those recordings are made by default, at least for now. Amazon said in a press release  it's introducing new ways to delete voice recordings on all Alexa-enabled devices "soon."

If it passes in  California, should New Hampshire follow suit?

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