I got to go to my first ever game at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, and it did NOT disappoint!

I got to check off a few boxes on my bucket list in one day.

Watch a football game in Gillette stadium in the rain/sleet/cold/windy conditions, check! See Tom Brady play football in person, check! See Belichick coach in person, check! Watch my team lose in person, well, I’ve seen that happen many times before. I’d like to stop checking that box for a while.

Our seats were in section 302. Didn’t realize how high that was until sleet was falling into my beer. I mean, we were like 6 rows from the very top. The wind was real strong up there.

Check out the video below and you can hear the wind. Still had a blast. I got to try out some of my winter stuff for my first winter up here.

All was good, but I did find out that the gloves I thought were gonna be okay were not. I’ll take suggestions on what to get if you've got them.

As for what I learned from my first Patriots game ever? Pace yourself with the beer, and do a lot of preemptive restroom breaks. If you wait to long and have to go bad, things can happen.

I found out when you layer clothes like that, you need more time.

And I definitely can't wait until my next game!

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