Attention pregnant ladies with twins!

Pizza Hut is ready to donate a big chunk of change to your children's education fund during the Big Game with their contest, according to Fox. Oh...and free pizza (two years worth!!)...oh...and tickets to Superbowl LV for the parents!

Couple of things, the article states, you have to be pregnant with twins and they have to be the first twins born after the kick off of this years big game.

How much is Pizza Hut willing to pay?  According to Fox, it's $22,000!!

To put this into perspective, here's what you can do with $22,000:

-  One year of in state tuition and books with plenty left over.

-  Almost 3 years of tuition at Granite State College

-  More than covers a year of tuition at St. Thomas Aquinas

What would you do with the cash?

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