So we were doing our show per usual on Friday and I was munching on a clementine as a mid-show snack. I dropped a piece on the floor and picked it up. I blew on it and was about to eat because the five-second-rule (duh!) and Bill lost his mind. He told me that it was disgusting and that I was going to to get sick.

Naturally, we posed the question to our listeners to see how they felt about the five-second-rule and here is what they said:

The majority of people supported Team Kira:

Then you have those middle of the road people...

And there were a few that side with Bill on this one.

The five-second-rule appears to be totally acceptable to most of our listeners. That's good news because that means I am among my own people! And as for Bill the germaphobe, he is just going to have to adapt or continue to be grossed out by me. (haha!)