If you grew up in Northern New England, Story Land holds a nostalgic place in your heart. I'll never forget when we were on a family vacation and my brother "pants-ed" me in front of the whole theme park. My pink undies with yellow daisies on them were exposed to the entire theme park. I was mortified, and he was in big trouble. But hey, it's a core memory that has stuck with me for 20-something years, and I've grown from the trauma. We can all laugh about it now!

Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire, continues to be a magical place where families venture year after year to make memories (hopefully less cringey ones than the one I just shared). I have a baby cooking in my belly, and someday I hope to bring them to the place where fantasy lives.

Story Land is doing something pretty awesome this year to honor our grandmas and grandpas, who play such an important role in our families! The matriarchs and patriarchs are getting some love on Sunday, September 10. Grandparents will be able to get into the park for free (one grandparent per paid admission). And guess what? Season pass-holders can bring a grandparent for free, too!

Then on Sundays, September 17, 24, and October 1, Story Land will show their appreciation for our heroes with free admission, and discounted admission for family! This includes law enforcement, EMT, medical professionals, firefighters, or military with a valid ID.

Mark your calendars, and you can find more details on both promotions here!

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