Ever order up a lobster roll, only to finish it within' the first 5 minutes? The next logical move is to well, raise your hand and call for another! If you think there isn't a lobster roll you can't handle, one Massachusetts eatery is up to challenge you.

It's the Lobstitution, served by Pauli's, located in Boston. The owner told WMUR that  he came up with the idea when customers kept ordering more than one lobster sub.

Before you completely dive into this heap of gluttonous heaven, let's put a few things in perspective. First, the sandwich (lobster rolls are kinda considered sandwiches)  measures in at two feet. Secondly, the lobster meat is going to weigh in at around a pound and a half! Owner Paul Baker says the Lobstitution can feed a family of 5 or 6.

If you're all-in, go for it. You'll find the U.S.S. Lobstitution at 65 Salem St in the North End.



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