After meeting Carly Pearce this past weekend and seeing her perform I have a whole new appreciation for the artists that she is. She is amazingly talented yet humble and appreciative of her fans.

When her intro music started and she walked out on stage, she looked out to see a completely full amphitheater. As the opening act, that feeling is indescribable and not something she takes lightly. Her fans sang every song loud and proud and it was a weekend of shows she won't soon forget.

I couldn't help but notice some negativity in Carly's Instagram feed. Someone claimed that Carly lip-synced a few of her songs at the Bank of NH Pavilion, which is not the case. Thankfully a bunch of her fans came to her rescue and put that "disappointed fan" in her place. Also, another keyboard cowboy was being mean spirited and said "You are not all that. Michael needs to find someone better" referring to Carly's fiance Michael Ray. Enter Michael who quickly shot this person down and said "It doesn't get better than her, and I won't stand for you putting her down. Go find Jesus."

Let us all find someone who defends our honor the way Michael Ray defends Carly Pearce.

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