We all know that Kris Kringle’s biggest day of the year is December 25th, when he’s got the task of delivering all the presents to kids around the world.

But of course, leading up to that day, you can often find Santa out and about at malls, visiting holiday events, stopping at schools, or just being his jolly self.

And it’s really no different in Thornton, New Hampshire, except with a little twist.

You might in fact do a double-take because rather than sporting the bright red classic suit, you can find Santa in this town wearing a non-traditional outfit in the color blue.

And according to the Thornton New Hampshire Police Department’s Facebook page, Blue Santa’s suit represents support for law enforcement around the world and he happens to be the person who delivers gifts to the officers who have to work on Christmas.

And this Blue Santa even braved the cold temperatures the other day to wave to Thornton kids getting off the school bus and out of cars as they headed to school.

The children most certainly loved getting to see the famous holiday gift-giver in his new suit. It's a sharp looking blue, no?

But it got me thinking, what about other color suits for Santa?

Interestingly, the International Business Times has an article that talks about how Santa wore a green suit in the 1880s.

The report also notes that in Britain, Santa is often referred to as Father Christmas, and can sometimes be seen wearing a green suit instead of red.

So when did Santa wear red?

According to the Guardian, it was in the 1870s that American cartoonist Thomas Nast depicted Santa in a red suit. The reasoning isn’t crystal clear as to why aside from the article stating that it was probably because red just looked the best.

Red certainly is pretty striking.

Really though, whatever the color, blue, green, red, there’s just something magical about seeing Santa in town, especially when you know he brings joy to kids and makes the holiday season that much better.

And we could all use a little Christmas cheer this year.

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