Back when I was a traffic reporter, some days I would be able to fly above the roadways and report on traffic conditions while in a helicopter. I have to admit sometimes, it was hard to concentrate on doing my job because there is nothing quite like the view from a helicopter.

A popular seacoast helicopter company that has been in business for six years and offers tours in New Hampshire has just expanded their business into Maine.

Seacoast Helicopters, based in Portsmouth at Pease International Tradeport recently announced they have started flying tours out of the Portland JetPort in Portland, Maine.

Bruce Cultrera, founder of Seacoast Helicopters, told Seacoast Online that his company, which is famous for their bright red helicopters started out as a single pilot operation and over the years has grown the operation to have six helicopters and nine pilots. Not only does Seacoast Helicopters give tours of popular New Hampshire destinations, but Cultrera says they also will fly you where ever you want to go.

The Portland tours will include such landmarks as Casco Bay islands, historic downtown Portland and lighthouses around the area. Seacoast Helicopters is the first helicopter service in Portland. Cultrera says he believes it's a great opportunity for his company to expand their service.


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Credit Getty Images

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