With the 'unofficial start of summer' here, that means many New England seafood restaurants are gearing up for a busy tourist season. With that, comes the quest to find the 'Best Lobster Roll' in New England.

If you know me, you know I don't eat any type of seafood. Never have and never will. So, I left this 'Best Of' up to our listeners.

Below is the Facebook thread that posed the question of where to find the best lobster roll in New England. Obviously, there were the familiar restaurants that made the list, like the Beach Plum and the now-closed Justin's Seafood Hut. But, the 99 Restaurants made the list as did Kelly's Roast Beef in Massachusetts. There are plenty of suggestions giving by our listeners on places for you to try and see if you agree with their choice for the 'Best Lobster Roll in New England.' 

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