Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday I'm Brandy, happy birthday to me


Hi everyone, it's me, 'Brandy, the Morning Waking Pooch!' Can you see me playing hide and see behind the flowers!

I actually don't know when my 'real' birthday is, but Mama and Dada tell me this is the day four years ago they adopted me from Cochceo Valley Humane Society. So, they count this as my birthday.

I still don't know why they get Lyndell's cake and I don't. (I'm sure I'll get a bite or two handed to me under the table! I know, I know, hold the chocolate!)


Lyndell's is my mama's favorite bakery of all time. Have you ever been? Best.Cake.Ever!

Anyway, back to me. Mama tells me I'm 5 years old. She said I looked like I was about a year old when I rescued her!


I've had such a great time with mama and dada and my family and friends. I am still a scared, shy little lady that gets frightened easily The only other doggie I like to play with is my cousin/bff, Mocha. As a matter of fact, I am with Mocha today while our humans are out having Chinese food for lunch.

doggies and a pumpkin
Mocha and me

So, there you have it. How I spent my birthday. I hope you think rescue/adoption if you are mulling the idea of getting a family pet. Finally, my birthday wish is for no other animal to be hurt.

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