When I think of cranking an old plastic McDonald's toy, the nostalgia hits me like a ton of bricks. If you're my age and someone born before the thousands, you remember the Happy Meal toys we would get with our orders at McDonald's or Burger King.

Us '90s kids were fascinated when our mom or dad handed us our Happy Meals in the back seat of the van. I would rip open the plastic package and play with the toy while my brother shoveled his French fries in his mouth.

There was always an array of toys, depending on what was trending at that time. I remember when Star Wars was huge and they were giving out the entire Clone Wars crew. They were bobble heads, I believe?

Now, throughout the years, the retro toys have probably collected dust in our basements or became chew toys for our pets. But those of us who have saved and persevered these little treasures may be able to collect some bread. I mean money. Bread is money.

Those of you who have taken care of your fast food treasures could get a pretty penny from them. I stumbled across one listing on Facebook Marketplace of a vintage, 1990s McDonald's Happy Meal McDino Changeable Quarter Pounder w/Cheese-O-Saur. Yup, a burger that changed into a dinosaur.


Happy Meal toy Via Facebook Marketplace
Happy Meal Toy Via Facebook Marketplace

This toy is being sold in Maine for $4. So of course, I did my research, and according to Wealthy Gorilla, you could fetch $70 for this hamburger transformer toy. And if you have the entire collection, you'd be swimming in $560! The entire collection offers the burgers, fries, sodas, hotcakes, happy meal box, and ice cream.

I know what you're all going to do right now, because it's exactly what I am also going to do: feverishly dig through the old boxes in the basement.

You never realized that you could be sitting on a pretty penny while your toys have been in a dark box. Go put some money in your pocket. Or better yet, save the toy for longer and it will build more value. I am sure that by the year 3000, everyone will be singing my praises in the history books because I told you to save them for longer. You're welcome for making your future descendant rich.

If you don't remember what you're looking for in your house or you just want to talk down memory lane with me, here's a video showing each toy and what it transforms into, thanks to another '90s kid at Drive Thru Toys. 

Now, if you had this entire collection, you could fetch about $560 if each toy is priced at $70 each, according to Wealthy Gorilla.


Furby's could get you $120, according to Wealthy Gorilla.

Below are the toys that could bring in money, or maybe not. Either way, they all bring me great sentimental nostalgia!

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