Growing up in a city environment bugs of any type freak me out on a normal day but if I was driving down the highway and saw a van with the windows blacked out due to a swarm of bees I would seriously lose it.

Boston Magazine is reporting on a Boston based company, Best Bees, who drive around with a van full of bees on a normal day.

YIKES!  A driver on the Fresh Pond Parkway in Cambridge spotted a van with hundreds of bees covering the interior windows of the van and the clip went viral.

There were numerous witty captions and comments to the clip such as “I think you spilled your bees” and “Is it legal to drive buzzed?” but it’s all in a normal day's work for employees of Best Bees.

Best Bees offers beekeeping services to many businesses, about 600 hives, in both rural and city environments alike.  At this time of year, the bees are desperate for any drop of nectar or honey they can get, so Best Bees pulls up to a location with a van stocked with honey laden hives and the bees are attracted to it, well, like bees to honey.

The van fills up and the bees are then relocated to somewhere more manageable like, say away from a hotel and into some woods where beekeepers can care for them.  Bees are critical to our eco-system so Best Bees is doing a great service for our environment and their customers.

Boston Magazine quotes Alia Marinone, director of operations at Best Bees’ saying, “it’s not anything anyone should be nervous about.”

Just normal business operations.  Hooray for the honeybee but I still hope I never drive by one of their vans!

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