Most teenaged girls are obsessed with horses growing up. I was raised in a tiny town of about 700 people in Cummington, Massachusetts and I was no exception.  We had quarter horses all throughout our childhood and there’s nothing I miss more.

I was excited to learn about a way that I can get involved with my favorite four legged friends again, and help out a great cause.

There’s a place in New England called Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue and they need your help.

This is a very special organization that helps rescue horses from all over.

Amy Jordan, who works with Hidden Pond in Brentwood, New Hampshire, says that the animals come from “owner surrender, auctions, and dreaded kill pens…and are given a second chance to live”.

At the Equine Rescue, Amy says they are “offered a life that is filled with care, compassion, and love.”

In order to achieve this, they need your help.  The horses come to the Rescue with many needs.  They are “hungry, emotionally damaged and often angry.”

Volunteers work hard to offer healing and work with the horses to eventually provide “a forever home”.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, there are many different options.  Hidden Pond offers sponsorships for just $25.00 a month.  That small contribution goes a long way in helping to care for these animals.  You’ll also receive a stuffed animal, pictures of the horse and even letters!

Hidden Pond Equine Rescue also hosts many events and activities to bring attention to the great work they are doing there. If you’d like to find out more, check out their website at

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