Andrea Savage is a talented and hilarious actress who I have loved ever since I saw her in Step Brothers! Remember? She played the hot therapist, Denise!

More recently she starred in her own series called "I'm Sorry" on TruTV.

According to IMDB "Andrea plays a seemingly-confident comedy writer, wife and mom and comically exposes her inner immaturity and neuroses through unexpected life situations."

I watched a few episodes and thought it was pretty dang entertaining! Sources say "I'm Sorry" was renewed for a third season but production was not able to move forward because of circumstances created by the pandemic. Man, Covid ruins everything!

Andrea lives in Santa Monica, CA, but I guess she was craving a white Christmas this year and knew exactly where to find one. She and the fam headed to Maine over the holidays and grabbed a few libations at Batson River Company. Have you been to Batson this holiday season? It is truly a Winter Wonderland:

Andrea showed her playful side in a game of Scrabble when she spelt the word "BUTTHOLE" off of the word "HOLIDAY". She used all 7 letters and posed very proudly next to her work. She captioned the photo:

"Some things just feel right. @batsonrivermaine #all7 #bingo #maine #scrabble (also my daughter does not enjoy me as her mother right now ) #happyholidays "

Andrea Savage via Facebook
Andrea Savage via Facebook

Celebrities are just like us! They get their jollies by embarrassing their children in public! We hope you enjoyed your stay in Vacationland, Andrea! Come back and see us again real soon.

I wonder what other celebrities are spending their holidays in our neck of the woods..

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