Today on Chio and Kira in the Morning, our Facebook question of the day was

"If you had to marry your spouse in the exact location where you met, where you would be getting married?"

We got some incredible answers. We heard everything from Sissy K's in Boston, Manchester Regional Highschool, to a local prison (apparently they both worked there but I don't buy it) We also noticed a lot of people met their beloved in iconic New Hampshire spots. Some are still around today, some aren't. Here are a few of our favorites:

Honeypot in Seabrook, NH (where the Chop Shop is now)

According to Jessie Mae Kerr the floors were pretty sticky back when it was Honeypot.


Hey can I get a medium cold brew and a meet cute with my forever love? I can't think of a more New England way to meet your person!

Litchfield Park, Goffstown NH

Norma Lou met her beloved on the 4th of July; a true American love story.

McDonald's Parking Lot, Epping NH

Well, they say Epping is the epicenter of the universe and for Lisa Grover Paglio this reigns true! She and her boyfriend at the time chose that McDonalds as their “Meet me in the Middle” spot. They met online and decided to finally meet face to face after about six weeks of emails and phone calls. And the rest, as they say, is history <3 Would you like fries with that?

Canobie Lake Park, by "The Skater"

This is a roller coaster that looks too scary for me but for Cody and his forever love, it was thrilling.

Boy Scout Camp

Lisa and her love volunteered there as NH Hunter Education Instructors. Bonding over dead deer! Is their anything more romantic?

Thompson Center Arms, Rochester NH

This establishment is no longer in business but It's safe to say Sandy's love started off with a BANG!

RPX theater at Regal Cinemas, Newington NH

Samantha Levasseur said she and her now husband were both seeing a movie alone and ended up sitting together. He didn't ask for her number but they ended up reconnecting through missed connections on Craigslist a week later.

Could I love these stories more? No, no I could not! Did you meet your person somewhere iconic or hilarious? Drop us a comment and tell us the story!

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