Are you superstitious? What about a littlestitious?

Well, if you have any beliefs toward superstition and magic, this is certainly something you will believe.

So we all know "the great one," yes? If not, I will summarize who that is very quickly.

The greatest hockey player of all time, by stats and opinions, is Wayne Gretzky. He has the most goals by a player in an NHL career, the most assists by a player, and the most career points by a player, according to NHL Stats.

Not only that, but the most points in an individual season record belong to Gretzky, four times. He holds the top four spots for the"most points in a season" record: 1981-1982, 1983-1984, 1984-1985, and 1985-1986.

Well, the great one blessed the Boston Bruins in a crazy way during the Winter Classic.

In a great dispute and intense third period, the Bruins were down to the Penguins 0-1. Midway through the third, Jake Debrusk tied the game.

With two minutes left in the game, the Bruins took the lead with another Jake Debrusk goal.

But was it good hockey by the Boston Bruins or the magic touch of Wayne Gretzky, the great one, that caused the Bruins to win? What you're about to read and watch is a scary, perfectly-timed magic trick that has left thousands of hockey fans speechless.

Below is a video of what happens, but I will break it down prior to your viewing.

Wayne Gretzky is walking on the field of Fenway Park during the Winter Classic. Fans, who obviously recognize the great one, are chanting his name, asking for high fives, and admiring the GOAT.

Gretzky ignores all high-fives and handshakes except for one man. He happens to be a member of a PA-based metal band. although the member was wearing a Boston Bruins jersey (clearly a Bruins fan).

After getting a handshake of some sort, the Bruins fan yells with joy, "I just touched Wayne Gretzky's hand..."

And as he starts saying his next sentence, something unbelievable happens.

Sure enough, as he says his next sentence, "Things are changing in my life," the Boston Bruins score.

Based on the darkness at Fenway, I would assume this is the second goal, the game-winning goal, but this is not confirmed.

Isn't that CRAZY?! Seconds after touching the greatest hockey player of all time and declaring it a life-changing moment, the Bruins take home the win during one of the most memorable winter classic games in history.

Magic or not, what an unbelievable moment and timing captured on camera.

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