Get ready to wrap your hands around a hand-crafted-to-order outstanding burger!

The Habit is bringing its chain of wildly successful burger stores to the New England area, according to, and it was recently named USA Today’s 10 Best Reader’s Choice 2019 Best Regional Fast Food.

The chain is based in California and for those who have been out there and tried a Habit burger, there is no need to travel for that deliciousness anymore.

The article reported that the Habit Burger Grill is set to open seven stores in the New England area, starting with the first store to open in Wilmington in the spring of 2020.

Fear, not vegans, according to, the Habit is not only known for its out of the world burger but also has a nice selection of salads.

The chain, best known for its burgers, will also carry sandwiches, salads and more.

Middlesex and Essex's counties are about to fall in love with their burgers.  I can’t wait till they open!

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