In these Covid times we are still living in, I have been getting my workouts in at home. I'm still not 100% comfy going to the gym until I am vaccinated. It's just a lot of breathing in a confined space, I'd rather not risk it. This is how my love affair with yoga began.

At least four days a week I do a yoga video on Youtube from the comfort of my living room carpet. I am noticing progress and slowly but surely I am getting more flexible. I am also feeling the benefits in everyday life with less back pain and my anxiety is better because I am more mindful of my breath. I am a fan of the videos from  "Boho Beautiful" I don't even know her real name, is that awful? I love her because she has videos for all experience levels plus she is always in different countries so I like to vicariously live through her and pretend I am traveling. Here's a good yin yoga video for beginners from my girl:

Since I am a full blown Yogi now, I am very interested in joining a studio once this virus is behind us. I was PUMPED to hear that a new hot yoga and Pilates studio is opening in Dover this May! It's called SŌL Yoga and Pilates and I am so excited to drop in for a class and take my new skills to the streets! (or a studio, rather) Their schedule isn't up yet but follow them on Facebook to stay up to date!

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